Hair loss:

Due to excess androgen (male hormone), the loss of hair pattern in PCOS patients will be like front headed baldness/loss of hair above forehead, thinning of hair.

Dandruff complaint:

Dandruff, related hair loss will be another important symptom which presents with itchy scalp and painful acnes at head, front &back neck, even at scalp also


Excess unwanted hair growth at chin, cheeks, upper lip, sometimes excess growth of hair at limbs, chest, naval region etc., like male was so called as hirsutism. It changes the actual external appearance of women, making them feeling guilty in fact which lowers their self-confidence.

Acanthosis nigricans:

Its skin pigmentation presents with dark patch of skin, with dark color, thick and velvety sometimes may give itching and bad odor. The patches may present at armpits, groin, neck, elbows, knees, knuckles, soles, palms and lips.

Pimples /acnes:

Painful pimples may present at face .Sometimes even at back which causes severe pain. These lesions may leave black patches after healing. This was due to excess oil skin which is a main symptom of PCOS.