Obesity at PCOS is entirely different. Common Obesity may be due to many causes. But PCOS related obesity is due to hormonal imbalance which should be considered as special type of obesity.

Don't measure your weight! Don't measure your height!! Don't calculate your BMI !!!

Most of the women are worried, because in spite of strenuous workouts, strict diet, yoga etc. they are not able to lose their weight. There was a strong hindrance in their blood which is called as hormonal imbalance, that doesn't allow for weight loss.

Calculate your abdominal girth (measurement around the belly button) .Calculate your waist: hip ratio.

Normal values of wait: hip ratio: Normal women :< 0.80 Overweight :-0.80-0.84 Obesity :> 0.85

So we at lotus women care hospitals ,treat this abdominal fat put up ,tends to reduce excess fat/inch, thereby reducing the hormonal imbalance and PCOS-obesity symptoms, with the help of natural siddha medicines