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Lotus women care hospitals is the India’s 1stayurvedic hospital only for women. This hospital is an outcome of lots of research on women health. After enough hormonal research we came to the conclusion that all the women ailments are due to hormonal imbalance. But treating hormones will lead to lots of side effects. Women hormonal level should be balanced without side effects and thereby all the diseases should be treated at their root cause. Undoubtedly the treatment should be natural that is with HERBALS.

About us

Lotus women care hospitals, India's 1stSiddha ,Ayurvedic hospital only for women since 2010.We are in turn happy to express ourselves as OF THE WOMEN, BY THE WOMEN, FOR THE WOMEN.We are proud to mean us as "PCOS Specialty Centre" in Siddha, Ayurvedic medicine System.

We offer a full range of gynecological care for teens(school, college girls),pre-marital, post marital ,pre& post-menopausal women..

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